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Quanray Electronics RFID chip series covers UHF, HF, Dual-Frequency and Low-Frequency; Technology comparable to international head enterprises, a number of chips are the most widely used in China, whose quality has been verified for many years.

Sleuth-6 Module

The Quanray Sleuth-6 module uses a QFN package with an area of less than 5mm x 5mm, and integrates an NFC radio frequency front end that is independently designed by Kunray and has intellectual property rights. Sleuth-6 uses Quanray's patented industry-leading active load modulation technology ActiveNFCTM, through the internal clock recovery circuit, synchronization of the reader's transmitting field, compared with the traditional passive load modulation NFC, the antenna coupling coefficient can be reduced by 10 times, PCB antenna The area can be less than 50mm2, which significantly reduces the board area, and is suitable for mobile payment applications on mobile phones, bracelets, and other wearable devices.



1 Overview

QLux is a SWP-SIM card mobile payment solution with its built-in boost that can be integrated into mobile phones, bracelets and watches, and it complies with NFC standards.

1. Contains a microcontroller chip that performs protocol processing and an RF front-end chip that performs wireless communication

2. Use a small antenna and a small number of components to realize the card analog communication in the NFC standard

3. The optimized structure enables lower power consumption in different modes

4. Directly connect the host or microprocessor through the I2C/SPI physical interface and NCI protocol

5. The unique active load modulation method in the RF front-end chip minimizes the antenna size

2 Features

1. Quanray Sleuth-6:

1) Support card emulation mode (EM): ISO14443 Type A, 106kb/s;

2) Demodulation sensitivity: <-60dBm, can effectively read the reader signal

3) Support on-chip wake-up circuit, which can achieve 20uA ultra-low listening mode (listening) current

4) Off-chip impedance matching circuit, flexible antenna design

2. Buffered output drives the antenna with minimal peripheral components

3. On-chip integrated RF field strength detector

4. Off-chip impedance matching circuit, flexible antenna design

5. Supported RF protocol: ISO/IEC 14443A, 106k data rate, support MIFARE 1K

6. Supported host interface

1) NCI protocol interface conforming to NFC Forum standards

2) I2C bus in high-speed mode

3) SPI bus

7. Supported SE interface

1) A SWP host interface that supports ETSI/SCP standardization Release 11

2) HCI protocol with ETSI/SCP standardization Release 11 included

8. Multi-level power management

1) Support different hard shutdown/standby states that can be activated by Firmware

2) The working mode and power consumption mode of the two chips can be managed hierarchically

9. Integrated non-volatile memory to save data and custom executable code

10. Follow the standard:

1) ISO/IEC 14443-A

2) ETSI/SCP 102 613 and 102 622 for SWP/HCI

Application Scenario

1. Personal mobile terminal, especially the system environment running Linux or Android

2. TV, set-top box, Blu-ray decoder, audio equipment

3. Furniture automation, gateways, routers

4. Wearable devices, remote control, medical treatment, fitness

5. Printers, IP phones, game controllers, accessories

6. Mobile devices

7. Handheld devices (PDAs, notebooks)

8. Other consumer electronic equipment

Technical Parameters
fcCarrier frequency

fsCommunication data rate

HminMinimum working field strengthAble to be awakened and complete signal demodulation
Tamb Operating temperature
TbakeBake Temp.After unpacking 168Hrs, bake temperature before SMT8Hrs @125 ℃8Hrs @125 ℃8Hrs @125 ℃
Istandbystand-by currentCurrent when not awakened
ItransmitMaximum current during launchLimit emission current in air environment

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