RFID+ Industrial Visual Production

On the basis of the digital factory, the Internet of Things technology and equipment monitoring technology to strengthen information management and services; Comprehensively control the production process, reduce manual intervention

Industrial Manufacturing

RFID automatic identification technology will play a more and more important role in the future "smart factory", so that "product" in the manufacturing intelligent control system (MES) real-time automatic identification to achieve flexible production.

In general, the machines, raw materials and products used in production are driven by the collaboration of RFID and iot communication.

Integrated management of raw materials, factory manufacturing, sales, and customer needs is realized. In other words, products will find their own way forward independently in the production process.

Gradually improve the manufacturing execution and delivery capacity, make the production and logistics links more transparent, and flexibly produce on time, on demand and in order, so as to realize the real intelligent production and manufacturing.


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    Production Information Management

    RFID is integrated with existing manufacturing information systems, such as MES, ERP, CRM and IDM, etc., to manage product order, purchase, manufacturing and inventory in an integrated way.

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    Executive Process Control

    Complementary to the manufacturing execution system, flexible configuration of different processes and materials to achieve production on time, on demand and in sequence.

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    Visual Storage Management

    To realize the real-time monitoring of all links of materials in the enterprise, goods warehousing, warehousing, moving, inventory, batching, picking, transportation and other operations for a comprehensive.

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    Tracing and Tracing

    Quanray Electronics has been focusing on liquor traceability projects, and has designed proprietary labels and RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability solutions for a number of liquor manufacturers to meet their development needs. In 2009, it began to cooperate with Wuliangye Group in the use of RFID anti-counterfeiting technology. Based on the bottle code and box code, it added a unique RFID code with three codes in one. It is the first enterprise in China to apply RFID technology to the anti-counterfeiting and traceability of alcohol.

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    Factory Asset Management

    Realize the real-time optimization of the factory asset allocation, accurately provide its location, availability status, performance characteristics, storage and other information. Optimal scheduling of assets has been achieved

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    Whole Process Quality Control

    Realize the supervision of the whole process of raw materials coming online and finished products coming off the production line. When raw materials pass through the production line, they can be controlled, modified and even reorganized in real time.

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    Achieve Flexible Production

    Real-time information management, materials and production line closely linked, in the case of no shutdown, timely adjust the production process and process of products for elastic production.


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    Improve Production Execution

    The informatization of the production process makes the management of the manufacturing process more precise and transparent, and enables the comprehensive understanding of the production schedule and the standardized operation process, so as to realize the real-time and efficient operation of the production process.

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    Improve Productivity

    Intelligent analysis and tracking of production information can continuously tap equipment and operation potential, improve production efficiency and continuously improve management objectives