Safety and Reliability Is The Top Priority In Areospace

Since 2012, Quanray Electronics has participated in Airbus supply chain optimization projects, and has shipped more than 15 million chips so far. Quanray has extensive and in-depth cooperation with Airbus and Boeing in RIFD civil aviation application

Civil Aviation

The civil aviation industry has always depended on a complex and technologically advanced global supply chain. However, almost all parts are still tracked using handwritten documents and manual data entry. Seamlessly tracking the assembly and delivery of all components from a vendor is a very painful and error-prone process that lacks real-time visibility.

Quanray has extensive and in-depth cooperation with Airbus and Boeing in the management of RIFD civil aviation applications. The high quality of Quanray chip products has won the trust of two leading enterprises in the aviation field. After Airbus and Boeing used Quanray Electronic RFID technology to manage life jackets, RFID tags have become increasingly useful in managing more aviation parts, such as oxygen cylinders, oxygen generators, fire hydrants, seats and even complex equipment that needs maintenance. Since 2012, Quanray Electronics has participated in Airbus supply chain optimization project, and the total chip shipments have exceeded 15 million so far. Quanray will also work with its colleagues to promote the development and application of RFID in China's civil aviation field.

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    Precise Configuration

    RFID aerospace solution improves the configuration control of airlines by improving the accuracy of known "delivery" configurations.

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    Product Certification

    Airbus estimates that about 3,500 parts per plane can be tracked using RFID -- the equivalent of nearly 92 million tag requirements, though this is only a partial count. RIFD technology is used to track aircraft parts, store information on RFID tags, and build product information systems. When the inspector USES the mobile RIFD reader, the unique RFID tag information of the component can be read.

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    Provide reliable parts traceability. Reduce internal processing and cycle time to resolve service-related issues.

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    Quick Identification

    For example, the life jackets on the plane, the flight attendants need to check them one by one for at least 6.5 hours and make sure that all the life jackets are ready under the seats. High reliability RFID tags are attached to each life jacket, and it only takes 8 minutes to determine the status of all the life jackets.

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    Intelligent Screening

    Every part of the plane is RFID tagged. Mobile RFID readers are used to read the tagged aircraft to obtain maintenance information for all its components. Aircraft maintenance personnel can call on all the details of the aircraft engines to determine whether the aircraft can fly for another day or a week before maintenance.

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    Improve Communication Efficiency

    RFID tags with price advantages not only benefit aviation but also the upstream and downstream industries that depend on aircraft, such as airports, logistics, air transport, defense, catering, maintenance agencies, aerospace /OEM, etc. It greatly improves the convenience and accuracy of information exchange between the aviation industry and suppliers.

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    Zero Risk and Omission

    There are about 3,500 parts on each aircraft that can be tracked by RFID -- equivalent to nearly 92 million tag requirements. Engineers do not intentionally assemble inappropriate parts, nor intentionally use poor quality parts, but the performance of parts is difficult to judge simply before use. Through the use of RFID tags, greatly reduce the pressure of staff.。

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    Spare Parts Check

    RFID technology can realize the detection of working conditions with blocked sight. For the management of spare parts on the aircraft, such as oxygen cylinders, fire hydrants, seats and so on, it can be quickly identified in batches.

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    Absolute Reliability and Durability

    Civil aviation is a matter of life and safety, there is no room for any sloppiness. Quanray RFID aviation tags, whether in the internal or external metal or non-metal or composite material flat or curved surface can maintain good performance, safe and reliable, very durable, can withstand extreme environmental conditions exposure.