Scientific Management of Livestock Breeding Makes the Food Safer

Quanray RFID livestock industry scheme can be added to each farmed animal identity RFID tag way, precise and scientific feeding. Manage the whole process from column, slaughter, segmentation to meat.

Animal Husbandry

Since 2003, China has begun to apply advanced RFID technology to modern pig slaughtering and processing enterprises. Quanray RFID live pig slaughtering production monitoring and management system can monitor the whole process of production in real time, automatically, in real time, and accurately collect data related to the main production process, health inspection, quarantine and other key links, and better meet the HACCP quality supervision requirements. At the same time, the government supervision department can effectively monitor the product quality and safety, timely track and trace the source and direction of the problem products, standardize the production and operation process of meat food enterprises, so as to effectively improve the quality and safety of meat food.

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    Scientific Feeding

    RFID can be used as the identity mark of each farmed animal to conduct scientific feeding epidemic control and management for each animal.

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    Traceability Management

    RFID can be used as a traceability code for the entire processing process from the beginning of aquaculture, vaccine, daily feeding, delivery, slaughtering, segmentation and meat output.

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    Automatic Induction

    non-contact automatic reading, data acquisition method is effective in real time. RFID can be remotely sensed, and as the only code in the world, can reduce a lot of human work in the whole livestock industry, reduce the workload up to 30%, improve the level of automation.

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    Security Anti-Counterfeiting

    the number of each breeding animal is unique, not easy to forge, easy to manage and anti-counterfeiting. In case of health and safety problems of beef products, these labels can be used to trace back and accurately narrow the scope of safety problems.

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    Customized Stickers

    RFID tags commonly used in aquaculture include collar type, ear tag type, injectable type and pill type electronic tags. RFID custom tags, designed for the livestock industry to create, suitable for a variety of livestock environment.

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    Abnormal Warning

    Animal body temperature is tracked and recorded with RFID tags with temperature measurement function. Once there is any abnormal data, the notification system such as WiFi or Ethernet can be used to timely warn the epidemic situation of livestock.

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    Economic and Scientific Management of Livestock

    The traditional way of individual identification, positioning and management of livestock is very time-consuming and laborious. Through RFID tags, rapid positioning can be realized to facilitate batch identification of livestock and improve the level of counting and management.

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    Early Warning and Breeding Risk

    The temperature measurement label accuracy can reach 0.1℃, and the error is very small. Real-time temperature data collection and transmission can be used for abnormal warning, which greatly reduces the breeding risk of farmers.

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    Safe and Reliable Label

    RFID label safety non-toxic, no battery, no pollution, no impact on livestock food safety quality, and the label form is diverse, can be swallowed in the body for a long time, can also be placed under the skin or body cavity, or directly made of flexible temperature paste, attached to the animal body surface.