Make Asset Management Smarter and More Efficient

Quanray RFID asset management system, covering new storage, asset allocation, rental lending, operation and maintenance, repair and scrapping, donation and allocation, can realize the automation and paperless data collection, and improve the completeness

Asset Management

Traditional asset management methods have always relied on non-automation, paper-based system to record and track management, and bar code is rarely used to realize asset identification and management. However, the efficiency is extremely low. With the increase of the number of assets, the burden on managers is greatly increased and the difficulty of asset management is also increased, which often leads to the problem of data and error rate being high. Often lead to inventory management chaos, warehousing data error. If it cannot be solved for a long time, it will bring great cost to the enterprise.


The use of Quanray RFID automatic identification technology, data acquisition automation and paperless; Improve the completeness and effectiveness of the equipment inspection system. Using advanced technology to make full use of stored data, data and application results can achieve convenient and efficient query, become the best choice for enterprises to efficiently manage the full life cycle of assets.

RFID tags can withstand a variety of harsh conditions and can be used even after the barcode has been cleaned or worn out. In special industries, such as electricity, oil, hydraulic and gas, which need outdoor work and severe weather, it can easily help operators to conduct intelligent inspection.



  • 定位 (1).png

    Assets Positioning

    Locate the assets location in a timely and reliable manner. The maximum identifiable distance is 30 meters, which is convenient for staff to conduct asset patrol and other operations.

  • 人脸识别 (1).png

    Automatic Identification

    Non-contact automatic identification of asset attribute information, fast and convenient, can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

  • 预警.png

    Timely Warning

    Establish and improve the online early warning system, prevent risks, through the Quanray RFID asset management system to the use of assets and change information for the whole monitoring management, the whole process to grasp the asset dynamics, prevent the loss of assets, improve the utilization of inventory.

  • 安全.png

    High Reliability

    Quanray RFID asset management label, is a special encapsulation chip, safe encryption, suitable for high temperature, low temperature, strong electromagnetic field, high and low temperature impact and other adverse environments, storage capacity up to 64kbits

  • 共享点.png

    Real-Time Share

    Real-time network sharing and management of asset data can be realized, report output can be completed according to needs, and remote report management can be easily realized.

  • 产线效率提升.png

    Enhanced Supervision 

    Establish a unified asset information management platform, for the asset life cycle management, improve the overall level of asset supervision.

  • 生命周期管理.png

    Asset Lifecycle Management

    Asset management links include new warehousing, asset allocation, rental lending, operation maintenance, maintenance scrap, donation and allocation, etc. RFID asset management makes the asset information management system more clear and institutionalized through the standardized control of each link.

  • 监控.png

    Accurately Monitor Assets

    RFID technology is used to carry out comprehensive accurate statistics on assets from purchase, receiving, transfer, inventory, cleaning to scrap, breaking through the previous heavy manual statistics, shortening the inventory time and ensuring accuracy and speed. Monitor and manage the use and change information of assets in the whole process, grasp the dynamic of assets in the whole process, and prevent the loss of assets

  • i-睡眠效率.png

    Improve Work Efficiency

    Automatic/semi-automatic identification method is adopted to improve the accuracy and operational efficiency of inventory count and reduce the audit frequency.