RFID+ Intelligent Temperature Measurement, LED Light Search to Make Communication More Convenient

Quanray RFID mobile communication solutions, to help enterprises effectively improve the level of communication equipment management, room space utilization. For outdoor extreme working environment has a good adaptability, intelligent temperature measurem

Mobile Communications

With the rapid development of 5G and the large-scale construction of large data centers in China, IT resources are also facing difficulties in management. For enterprises, the automation and intelligence of DATA center IT asset management can improve the resource sharing rate. Of sharp RFID mobile communication solutions, through the next generation of RFID + smart technology, real-time monitoring of equipment state, such as temperature, displacement and rotation Angle, has realized the communication of enterprise assets reasonable allocate, prolong equipment operation, reduce equipment downtime downtime, reduce inventory pressure workers, improve the operational management level of the communications industry.


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    Blind Counting Function

    Reduce inventory pressure, timely collect and update equipment assets, reduce 99% of the book error rate, save 80-90% of non-technical inventory work.

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    Adapt to Extreme Situations

    Quanray RFID tags can be used in extreme weather environments such as high temperature and strong magnetic field for a long time.

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    Luminous Label Cable Search

    The tag is equipped with a light emitting diode (LED). The selected tag can be read from a distance by the handheld device. The LED on the selected tag will flash to indicate the corresponding cable. Fast and efficient location cable, reduce the rate of equipment missing.

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    Rotation Angle & Displacement Triggered

    After the bolts are tightened, RFID handheld devices are used to read the label status information. During the inspection, handheld devices are used again to read the label status and compare the original status to confirm whether the bolts are loose and displaced. Anticipate the replacement demand of the old equipment in advance, reduce the downtime rate of the equipment by 45%-50%.

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    Industrial Temperature Detection LED Light Warning

    RFID tags are equipped with passive temperature sensors. When the temperature exceeds the warning threshold, the warning information will be uploaded to the server through the RFID equipment. At the same time, the TAG's built-in LED flashes to facilitate positioning and the confirmation and maintenance of related problems.

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    Greatly Reduce Freight Cost

    With Quanray RFID solution, the operation and maintenance cost will increase year by year with the number of cabinets, saving 50%-60% of the operation and maintenance cost input, and extending the operating time of the equipment by 10%.

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    Large Amount of Asset Inventory

    There are too many assets in the machine room, the server data is huge, the manual entry into the ledger is not accurate, the account is inconsistent, the inventory of all assets is not accurate, the workload is huge, and it is difficult to clear.

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    Assets Dislocation and Confusion

    Traditional manual paste TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, manual management is prone to mistakes, and easy to drop the mark, stain. Physical location is difficult to locate in case of equipment failure. Quanray RFID communication solutions can be LED to find assets, fast positioning.

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    Maintenance Difficult of the Machine Room

    Equipment on or off the shelf may be negligent operation caused by the wrong server power outage, or maintenance error. Quanray RFID communication solutions can automatically use RFID handheld devices to read the label status, space management, effectively improve the use efficiency of the machine room, increase revenue.