RFID+ Makes New Retail More Sophisticated and Intelligent

In recent years, retail enterprises pay more and more attention to fine operation. That is, accurate inventory, distribution and customer recommendation information should be obtained through sufficient data analysis.

Smart Retail

The rapid development of the retail industry is facing the challenge of the new retail, namely, the profit of enterprises, sales, business intelligence these three big parts need to be improved. Faced with the sudden outbreak of coVID-19 in late 2019, the concept of unmanned retail has gained momentum again. As an RFID chip solution supplier, Quanray Electronics always pays attention to the market dynamics of retail, and pays attention to the "Pain Point" of retail enterprises. We propose new retail solutions in six aspects: inventory efficiency, real-time data, employee engagement, data accuracy, product feedback and data depth. That is to realize intelligent inventory, management optimization, inventory strategy optimization, theft management, data mining, multi-dimensional interaction and other functions.

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    Intelligent Inventory

    real-time online inventory. The benefits of this processing scheme are to ensure data accuracy, reduce the number of inventory counts and improve the effectiveness of inventory counts.

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    Efficient Management

    Based on the inventory table of SKU, the position information and statistical data of the goods can be provided. Through the judgment of these information, the retail enterprises can timely replenish goods, including dislocation adjustment, which will be carried out in accordance with the predetermined placement rules.

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    Inventory Optimization

    Flexible inventory management mainly includes two important links of the center and stores. The central warehouse will appropriately increase the inventory flexibility of the central warehouse due to the decrease of store inventory; The store will also maintain accurate inventory information, achieve multi-store collaboration, can reduce a store inventory.

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    Anti-Theft Management

    RFID-based anti-theft management, mainly using RFID tags for detection and alarm, generally using door channel tags for detection; It can also be used for alarm, and realize accurate real-time inventory, which can effectively prevent internal theft. The system can be intelligently situational aware when valuable items are near the exit, or when unusual product combinations enter the fitting room

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    Data Mining

    This functional module mainly analyzes customer behavior, judges their stay time, improves the convenience of fitting rooms, analyzes and interacts with customers on shopping, and also replenishes stores.

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    Multi-Dimensional Interaction

    In order to increase customer satisfaction and convenience, merchants should do their duty to provide detailed product information, display related products, and give better collocation Suggestions to customers; So businesses will pay more attention to what customers are holding in their hands, what they are looking for, what they are trying on, and their purchase history.

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    High Error Rate of Inventory Count

    Traditional retail industry has a large workload, long inventory time and high error rate. Quanray Electronic RFID tag inventory, save time and effort, precision and intelligence.

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    High Cost of Old Inventory

    The inventory cost of retail enterprises is a great burden on enterprises. Real-time data analysis of store inventory information through Quanray RFID retail solution can effectively reduce the inventory cost.

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    Loss of Goods

    The cost of goods stolen or lost in the retail industry is very high every year. The use of RFID tags to manage goods can make the inventory easy, effectively prevent the loss of goods and recover the losses of enterprises.