There is No Hiding Place for Fake

Quanray RFID products anti-counterfeiting solutions, the use of automation technology, automatic identification technology and information encryption technology, given only the identity of the tag to each product, product code assigned by in the process

Commodity Security

Growing wine market in China in recent years, a growing number of criminals, there exists huge interests, see the counterfeit alcohol products, greatly damage the market environment, the enterprise caused enormous economic loss, serious impact on brand image, also harm people's health and life safety.

Although each famous wine merchant carries on the renewal of the anti-counterfeiting measure continuously, but is still impossible to prevent, after all has the following three reasons: first, most winery anti-counterfeiting method is backward; Second, the labeling process is simple and easy to fabricate (through label manufacturers, recycling, etc.); The third is the poor identification of labels, consumers can not judge the authenticity of labels.

In addition to the liquor market, large events such as shows, exhibitions or events are plagued by fake tickets. At present, the existing anti-counterfeit ticketing technologies in the market generally have some shortcomings, such as low technical threshold, unable to completely eliminate fake tickets, single function, unable to provide data collection and security monitoring.

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    Full coverage:

    RFID anti-counterfeiting tracing system covers the circulation from production to warehousing to market query, with high integrity and flexibility. When combined with the logistics system, it will have powerful anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling and omni-directional tracing functions.

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    Tracing and tracing:

    The informatization construction of the scheme is mainly implemented in all aspects of anti-counterfeiting, tracing management, warehouse management, distribution management and flow tracing, helping to build a public service (food safety anti-counterfeiting and tracing) platform with effective government supervision and reliable consumers.

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    A bottle of one code

    This system adopts automation technology, automatic identification technology and information encryption technology to give each product a unique identity tag, and realizes the supervision, management and control of the logistics and information flow of each wine product through product code allocation during the production process and supervision of circulation and sales information.

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    Domestic initiative

    Kunrui Electronics has been paying attention to liquor traceability projects, and has designed proprietary labels and RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability schemes for several liquor manufacturers to meet their development needs. In 2009, it began to cooperate with Wuliangye Group in the use of RFID anti-counterfeiting technology. Based on the bottle code and box code, it added a unique RFID code with three codes in one. It is the first enterprise in China to apply RFID technology to the anti-counterfeiting and traceability of alcohol.

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    Overall solution

    As the only provider that can provide multiple application chips, products and overall solutions, Kunrui has accumulated rich experience in production, management and application implementation.

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    Supervision improvement

    Kunrui Electronics guarantees anti-counterfeiting and tracing functions from the chip source. After 7 years of stable operation of over 200 million bottles of wine project, it has accumulated rich experience in RFID anti-counterfeiting operation.

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    Terminator of Fake Tickets and Fake Wine

    Fake and inferior alcoholic products are banned repeatedly, and fake tickets and replacement of people in the museum also occur frequently in exhibitions, performances, events and other activities. Quanray RFID product anti-counterfeiting solution, can maximize the elimination of fake tickets fake wine, reduce customer income loss, let customers in management decisions, improve customer satisfaction, improve customer experience and other aspects of a revolutionary breakthrough.

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    Product Traceability

    In the process of commodity transportation, the logistics information is transmitted to the core database through the network in real time through the UHF mobile phone. When consumers purchase commodities, they can check the circulation information of commodities at any time through THE NFC mobile phone or the ground query all-in-one machine, so as to realize commodity traceability.

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    Realize the Sales Management of Products

    If all the products sold are registered, manufacturers can get the first-hand information in the first time. which can timely and effectively grasp the market dynamics, facilitate manufacturers to timely adjust the market strategy, more importantly, formulate timely and accurate implementation of sales strategy, in fact, greatly reduce the overall cost of sales.