The Country's Strongest Technical Team Focused on the FOREFRONT of RFID for More than a Decade

Quanray Electronics was co-founded in 2005 by a number of senior people and technical experts in the field of radio frequency identification. Quanray Electronics has national Auto ID laboratory experts, Fudan University experts of application-specific int

Quality Control

Shanghai Quanray Electronic Technology Co., LTD. Since its inception, the company gradually improve the quality management system, has been to enhance product quality, meet customer demand as the company's goals, in order to improve the quality of the product quality continuously, the company according to ISO9001 quality management system requirements, set up quality management system, to adapt to the environment of the market economy, enhance customer satisfaction.


We give priority to quality as the primary goal, strictly control every production process, resolutely implement the quality control responsibility system. In accordance with the REQUIREMENTS of ISO9001 standard, Quanray has established an honest and improved quality management team constantly, a quality control improvement system with full participation, implemented strict management procedures. Quanray also consistently developed the integrated circuit and related product design and development and after-sales service quality management system to ensure that products and services meet customer needs.


Quality and Reliability


Quanray Electronics has established a comprehensive quality and reliability assurance and control system to ensure every link from research and development to mass production. We are also equipped with a variety of laboratory and analytical equipment for product failure analysis, yield improvement, reliability verification and monitoring, equipment calibration, etc.


In order to ensure the consistency of chip product quality and customer flexibility demand, Quanray adopts the concept of "quality first and full participation", that is, in Quanray electronics, whole quality control improvement system, implementation of a strict management process, equipment, and process parameters are optimized to achieve the same product yield level.


At Quanray, we relentlessly pursue quality. To maintain a high level of work and processes, Quanray emphasizes clear and concise process definitions, standardized procedures, clear accountability, detailed customer requirements and wafer performance and production analysis documents, and a high degree of transparency.


As part of the quality management system, QUANRAY continues to do its best to ensure that:


01 Customer requirements and internal quality standards are communicated, understood and adhered to


02  On-time delivery and high-quality service


03  Continuously improve service and product quality and reliability by implementing PDCA(plan, execute, inspect, improve) and combining internal and external customer feedback


Quanray is committed to the continuous improvement of service and quality, with all of our plants certified to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and TL 9000