RFID Technology Wisdom Crystallization

Gathering the best and most experienced IC design team in China, Quanray Electronics research and development of UHF RFID chip, is one of the bests in China, and leader in the world.

Qstar-7X UHF Chip

Qstar-7X is an Internet of things (IOT) RFID chip that conforms to EPC global Gen 2 protocol. This RFID chip has excellent read sensitivity and write sensitivity. In addition to supporting single port antenna port, it can also support dual-differential antenna ports which can enable compact Omni-directional tags and improve item-level read reliability.

  1. Read sensitivity up to -21dBm(Sensitivity on a dipole antenna)

  2. Write sensitivity up to -17dBm(Sensitivity on a dipole antenna)

  3. Storage temperature range: -55℃ ~ +125℃

  4. Operating temperature (Toper): -40℃ to +85℃

  5. EPC global Gen 2V2 and ISO 18000-6C

  6. EPC Bank: 528 bits (Maximum, Include 16 bit CRC and 16bit PC, details check Memory Map)

  7. TID Bank: 96 bits

  8. Reserved Bank: 64 bits

  9. User: 512 bits (Maximum, details check Memory Map)

  10. Block write(1 word or 2 word)

  11. Block erase(1 word or 2 word)

  12. Block Perma Lock function (Block size is 4 words)

  13. Support single port antenna port

  14. Support dual-differential antenna ports

  15. Flexible memory architecture between EPC & USER

  16. Automatic antenna tuning

Application Scenario

Item Level Tagging (Apparel tagging)

Logistics/supply chain management

Retailing tagging

Tobacco Identifying

Stuff/Vehicle Access Control

Air baggage tagging

Pallet/Case tracking


Power Company Asset Management

Medical Health 

Library Management

Automobile Tire Management

Jewelry Management

Technical Parameters

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