Lead the "CHIP" Trend to Create the "CHIP" Future

In the current world, the Internet of Things has unlimited opportunities, and China is becoming a pioneer in the era of the Internet of Things. Quanray Electronics with a global perspective, is willing to try to create China's RFID "CHIP" future.

IOT Reaches Stars-Most Influential Chip Award


Last week, the fourteenth IOTE 2020 International Internet of Things Exhibition opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As an annual event for the Internet of Things, Shanghai Quanray Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. grandly exhibited the newly developed Qstar-6T UHF sensor chip, a variety of UHF, HF, dual-frequency chips, and industrial Internet of Things RFID+ solutions for safe and efficient supply chain and smart transportation. Brings the most cutting-edge RFID+ all-round display solution to professional audiences and colleagues in the industry.

Under the epidemic situation, corporate crises and opportunities coexist. To break through the siege requires courage and strength. This exhibition provides a perfect platform for aggregation, display, exchange, and negotiation and cooperation for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and application integrators involved in the entire industry chain of the Internet of Things. It is also a good publicity platform and opportunity for RFID companies under the epidemic.


Quanray's three themed industry applications at the exhibition site attracted many professional visitors. The Industrial Internet of Things showcased RFID+sensing solutions covering asset health management, temperature, displacement, and light sensitivity, cloud factories; a safe and efficient supply chain, including the rapid development of logistics, smart retail, aviation luggage, and retail anti-counterfeiting fields; wisdom For transportation, automotive electronic signs and electric bicycle RFID license plates are displayed. The various industry solutions show the achievements and strength of Shanghai Quanray Electronics in the field of RFID for many years. At present, it has achieved mass production cooperation with benchmark customers in many IoT fields.


At this exhibition, Quanray Electronics also brought a new retail RFID solution developed by itself, which is composed of a high-sensitivity reader and a multi-layer antenna array. Detect electronic tags through high-frequency RFID technology, and realize the identification, inventory and management of commodities. This solution can quickly and accurately read the existing quantity of all commodities within 1.2S, and monitor the commodities in the sales cabinet in real time according to the application scenario, so that the back-end server can realize functions such as sales, inventory, and replenishment. In addition, through self-designed antennas and software algorithms, industry problems such as lodging and no external shielding film are completely solved. At present, it has joined hands with the unmanned retail giant Magic Box to achieve mass production.

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The annual "Star of Things-Most Influential Chip Award" is a significant award in the RFID field. Especially in the context of the country's vigorous promotion of independent chip research and development, Quanray Electronics relies on self-developed high-frequency new retail tags The chip won the "RFID Chip Award for the Most Influential Innovative Product" of the "Star of Things" in 2019.