Lead the "CHIP" Trend to Create the "CHIP" Future

In the current world, the Internet of Things has unlimited opportunities, and China is becoming a pioneer in the era of the Internet of Things. Quanray Electronics with a global perspective, is willing to try to create China's RFID "CHIP" future.

Carry On The Past And Open The Future, Write A New Chapter



February 18, Quanray electronic staff as well as co-Pudong guests to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its establishment. In this Quanray people with joy to celebrate the day, our hearts filled with joy and pride. Fifteen years of trials and hardships Quanray confirms the company's growth, fifteen years of the golden years also witnessed the Quanray employees hard work ahead, innovation, adhere to focus on the spirit. In particular, I would like to thank all shareholders and partners for their continued support. It is your trust. Let us overcome obstacles and move forward!


First, the host of the party invited SMIC Peng and Huang Rockchip Valley brought us a wonderful speech, Peng and Huang recalled bits and pieces and electronic Quanray more than a decade of cooperation, they witness the Quanray growth, but also to witness the history of the development of China's semiconductor industry. The presence of numerous customers and partners are guests Quanray Electronic most cherished partner, it is accompanied by all fifteen years, created Quanray today's performance, it is also Quanray 15 years quietly ushered today Harvest.

Next, Mr. Min Hao, the chairman of Shanghai Quanray Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., addressed the 15th anniversary of the company. Mr. Min first thanked all employees and partners. It is the continuous hard work of several generations of Quanray employees, and the close cooperation of all partners has made Quanray today. At the same time, we must also thank the founding team for creating the Quanray platform, which has made a fortune for all Quanray people. Then Li Qiang, co-founder and deputy general manager of Quanray, addressed the party. Looking back over the past 15 years, Quanray has grown up and changed continuously, like a toddler who has grown into a young boy who can walk like flying. Looking back on the way we came here, we have overcome all obstacles and fearlessly, and have built the cornerstone of today; looking forward to the future, we are full of longing, carrying forward the past, and looking forward to writing a new chapter.



Looking back on 2020, although the external environment has been affected by the epidemic, especially in overseas markets, with the joint efforts of all Quanray employees, we still achieved a good performance of 20% increase in revenue over last year; there is no doubt that Quanray today The results of the party are inseparable from the support of our partners, so the first prize of the Quanray Partner Memorial Award was presented at the party; after that, the host announced the 2020 Quanray outstanding employees and outstanding teams, and awarded them in turn: the best newcomer award, Diligent Lao Niu Award, Technical Elite Award, Sales Star Award, Innovative Wisdom Award, Patent Master Award and Excellent Team Award.

Best Newcomer Award---Hu Tuo, Zhou Yang;

Diligence Lao Niu Award---Qu Chao, Guo Zhihua, Xu Huazan;

Technical Elite Award---Li Zhenyan, Wang Hanyang;

Sales Star Award---Wu Hanqiao;

Innovative Wisdom Award---Li Qiang, Shen Zhonghan, Lu Zhiwei, Chen Luode, Wang Hanyang, Zhou Jianfeng, Wan Xiaofeng, Li Zhenyan, Zuo Zongbao;

Patent Master Award---Chen Luode;

Outstanding Team Award---Li Zhenyan, Lu Zhiwei, Guo Zhihua, Qu Chao, Yu Xiangwei, Chen Luode, Jia Wei, Guo Lifang, Dong Jianmin, Hu Tuo;


There are a group of seniors in Quanray's big family who have been with the company for 10 years. Special thanks to those old employees who have followed all the way and never left. They contributed their sweat and wisdom to the development of Quanrayi, and dedicated the best youth of life to Quanray. It was their sweat that poured out the beauty and beauty of Quanray today!

Loyalty Contribution Award---Li Qiang, Jia Wei, Yang Linli, Huang Zhigang, Xu Jian, Fang Yanwen, Xu Hongya, Zhou Qiang, Dong Jianmin


Next is the much-anticipated draw for the evening party. There were four rounds of lottery that night, a total of 1 grand prize, 1 first prize, 4 second prizes, 8 third prizes, 20 fourth prizes, and super prizes. Rich, award-winning employees can hardly hide their excitement.


The funny game session is the favorite of every Quanray person. The happy faxes, blindfolds, and carrots squat that night. Colleagues actively participated and laughed constantly.

Quanray colleagues has always been known for versatile, system application department colleagues that night brought comic eight screens, Chip Development Department colleagues bring songs  as well as the finale of the dance skewers were very fantastic.

Let us be firm and vigorous and enter the hopeful 2021!

Let us unite as one, carry forward the past and open the future, and write a new chapter in Quanray!

What greets us in 2021 will be a new starting point and a new journey! 2021, here we are!