Lead the "CHIP" Trend to Create the "CHIP" Future

In the current world, the Internet of Things has unlimited opportunities, and China is becoming a pioneer in the era of the Internet of Things. Quanray Electronics with a global perspective, is willing to try to create China's RFID "CHIP" future.

The latest trends of tire RFID tags


Wang Kexian, director of the National Wheel Standard commission, said that the tire RFID electronic label and other four industry standards have been released in 2016, the corresponding international standards in China is also leading the formulation, at the same time, some domestic tire production enterprises in the relevant automobile manufacturers under the initiative, also varying degrees of the use of tire RFID electronic label. All these have laid a good foundation for the further promotion and application of RFID electronic tags in China's tire industry. He pointed out that a comprehensive view of the current development situation of the global tire industry, THE PACE of RFID electronic tags in China's tire industry application is urgent to accelerate. He said that as a global leader in the research and development of TIRE RFID technology, Soft Holding hopes to give tire enterprises and even automobile enterprises strong support, to help the intelligent development of China's tire industry.

Zhang Hongmin, President of Shandong Rubber Industry Association, said that since this year, Shandong tire export showed a rapid growth trend, private enterprises more prominent position. At the same time, Shandong tire industry is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency, in order to cope with a variety of challenges. The construction of soft-controlled tire intelligent factory and the promotion of RFID international standards, as well as the technological innovation of key enterprises and research units, further promote the technological progress and industrial development of the tire industry. The popularization and application of RFID electronic tags is crucial to the transformation and upgrading of China's tire industry. Shandong Rubber Industry Association is willing to work with all colleagues to promote it.

Mesnac Co., Ltd, according to the rotating President ming-jin yu soft control research and development since 2004 for tires with RFID, after more than a decade of research and development, testing, application of accumulation, has now formed products for tyre with RFID system, from tyre RFID tag customized production to RFID tyre production automation equipment, the RFID system and production informatization and automation logistics docking, soft control can provide full support. In the continuous improvement of products, supporting capacity at the same time, soft control and wheel standards committee, tire enterprises together, the completion of tire RFID four industry standards, and actively carry out the development of tire RFID four international standards. This batch of standards is the first batch of international standards in China's tire industry, which represents China's international discourse power in the development of tire RFID. As the RFID solution supplier in the tire industry, soft control has the obligation and ability to continue to promote the development process of tire RFID with the wheel bidding Committee and various tire enterprises.

Saic gm Dr Hu Houbao published "tire RFID electronic tag use planning", the theme of the speech, he said gm to produce 2 million vehicles a year, plus tire aftermarket need quantity is about 25 million, for the realization of the traceability of products and services of sensitivity, gm since 2008 began to explore one dimension code in the application of the tyre. However, with the continuous use of tires, the one-dimensional code is very easy to be destroyed after tens of thousands of kilometers, leading to information loss. With the introduction of Industry 4.0, GM has also entered the planning stage of TIRE RFID chip. In 2016, GM communicated with suppliers and got a very good result. The realization of tracking the tire life cycle with RFID chip is also within reach. Hu Houbao believes that barcode promotes the growth of MES and lays a foundation for the development of RFID. In terms of the collection of technical information and feasibility analysis, we still have enough time to do technical reserve and demonstration before 2020. I believe that the use of RFID chip in tires will definitely bring a new tire revolution.

Soft holding a iot group chief engineer Dong Lanfei do the RFID application tire project, she focuses on the RFID technology promoting effect to the development of tire industry chain, tire with RFID standards, global tyre RFID quality performance status analysis and application considerations, tire supply chain system with RFID tags, tire global RFID application situation, and the planning RFID tires. She believes that the tire can be managed, controlled, traceable is the inevitable trend of the industry development. RFID technology is effectively combined with tire technology to provide a unique global identity information for each tire, so as to realize effective management and traceability of tire life cycle. At present, RFID as the second generation of tire identification has reached a consensus in the global tire industry. She said that in terms of the application of RFID tires, the oEMS need to put forward requirements and establish specifications, tire manufacturers provide customized RFID tires, tire RFID label suppliers do a good job in supporting support, and the National Wheel standard commission to establish the corresponding standard system. In order to realize the comprehensive matching of RFID tires in oems, oems, tire manufacturers, RFID suppliers and the National Wheel bidding Committee need to make joint efforts.

Representatives of Linglong Tires, Wanli Tires, Sumitomo Rubber, Zhengxin Tires, Michelin Tires and other enterprises have made speeches. They all agree that with the development of the Internet of things and the advancement of intelligent tire manufacturing, RFID application on tires has important practical and historical significance, and the pace of application should be accelerated.

In the end, Mr. Wang made a concluding statement, saying that consensus had been reached at many levels. In the follow-up work, he emphasized six aspects: First, GM plans the matching use of RFID tires and establishes the matching standard and specification system of RFID tires; Secondly, tire factories and automobile manufacturers are the main body of promoting and applying RFID technology. Therefore, it is necessary to establish and improve the production supporting system of RFID tires and play an important role in further promoting and applying RFID technology. Thirdly, as the supplier of RFID technology and products for tire enterprises, soft control provides technical support from the aspects of product system, automation and informatization. Fourth, the wheel label committee will do a good job in the scale of RFID tire application of the relevant standards and specifications construction, play the role of RFID tire development and application of supervision; Fifth, the seminar should continue to organize, invite more automobile manufacturers, tire enterprises and related units to participate, to further expand the use of RFID technology; Sixth, the popularization and application of TIRE RFID technology provides an important guarantee for the intelligent tire, and lays a foundation for promoting China to become a powerful country in tire intelligent manufacturing.